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Testimonials and Reviews


Mike's Journey

Summer 2012


Mike Parker before leaving SlimmeriaMike Parker on arrival at SlimmeriaSo I am back home after an extremely wonderful 4 weeks at Slimmeria in which I managed to lose an amazing 18 kilos (losing on average 11 lbs a week). I have never managed to lose so much in such a short space of time.

In the first week after I had been there 3 days, Galia produced a small bowl and said "Here is a bowl of magic raisins, you may take as many as you want, but no more than 2." I thought well I will try anything once, so I took 2 and did indeed feel a boost of energy. It was a special week for me as I was the only man amongst 20 women and what is more I lost 8 kilos (1stone 3lbs) in just 7 days!!

The second week was more problematic as there was more of a challenge in spite of Galia's "more bounce to the ounce" (I swear if you touch her you would feel a serge of energy!! for that is the reason that Slimmeria is the success it undoubtedly is). I lost a further 3 kilos (8lbs)

The third week was a joy as things improved and the weather took a turn for the better and we were able to enjoy the pool and took a lot of our meals outside. I was starting to feel the benefits of my stay as I was to able to move better and felt a lot fitter than I have for some years. On the Saturday we all went into St. Leonards in the evening to see a performance of "The Merchant of Venice" after Galia's wonderful home made soup ( I really recommend this, as this is the highlight of the week).

The fourth week was also a joy. On the Saturday we went bowling in Bexhill again after Galia's soup and then on Sunday I found out the grand total that I had lost - 18 Kilos.

So I suppose an old dog can learn new tricks... – Mike Parker


It is time to get motivated and treat your body to a complete cleansing regime.
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