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"Slimmeria's gorgeous setting, with wonderfully luxurious rooms means that even exercise classes, detox and weight loss feels like a treat. Energising seaside walks through historical landmarks are followed by soothing massages and beauty treatments making Slimmeria more spa break with benefits rather than a boot camp." - Vogue

"For a truly unique and bespoke relaxing country retreat, look no further. Slimmeria offers weight loss within luxurious surroundings, spa treatments, yoga exercises and historic walks." - The Independent

Miss Denmark 2010, a client of Slimmeria RetreatMiss Denmark 2010, a client of Slimmeria Retreat"I am so happy I came to the Slimmeria Retreat. When I arrived everybody asked me what I was doing there as I was so slim, but I wanted to lose ten pounds and with your guidance I lost 12 pounds in 6 days. I am very happy! Can't wait for my mum to come back with me later in the year." - Nataliya A. Miss Denmark

"I have just spent a week at a heavenly Boutique Slimming Retreat near the coast in East Sussex. What a find!! I leave exhilarated and with that rare feeling of accomplishment (massive weight loss) and a sense of utter well-being that ONLY comes when you are fit and healthy. Brain sharp, mood light (almost elated) and body alive. It suddenly dawns on me that our health is the most important thing and yet the thing we put most at risk and most neglect. A week like this, even once a year, goes a long, long way to restoring that balance. And what makes the experience at Slimmeria so perfect all round (not just for me but for my fellow guests)? Firstly, the House is exquisite, each room divine and individual. My room had a vast, stunning 4-poster bed with real English and French country manor style furnishings - immaculately and lovingly decorated, maintained with great attention to details. The bathroom are sparkling White and everything works perfectly. So, it feels as though you are the treasured guest at a beautiful country estate. Then there is the food - simple, light and unbelievably delicious. I only really had a slight feeling of hunger if I woke in the night - but, of course on such a light, detoxing and vegetarian diet, we all sleep SO well. If you want a colonic to aid your detox, that is available as are a significant range of beauty treatments etc. Pretty much anything you want. BUT - FREE every single day, is a dreamy facial AND a dreamy full body massage AND soaks and steams. That is after a morning of perfectly judged exercise. The exercises are intelligently designed to fit with your energy levels (which increase dramatically from day 3). So you start with a walk along the beautiful coast or through the fields and woods. Then you have a class with an excellent trainer who works with the largest to the smallest, fittest to the most unfit with equal skill and encouragement. THEN comes the yoga class- heaven. The clever thing is - that's all over in a flash and it's only 12.30. Lunch and then blissful pampering for the rest if the day. All the massage girls are wonderful. But the real secret of this wonderful little treasure of a retreat is Galia. She runs the place with such attention to detail and a real sense of caring- coupled with a deep wisdom and total approachability. I really trusted and warmed to her as soon as we met. She seems effortless as she gently manoeuvres her guests around, giving common sense but very well-researched advice when asked for. She does all the cooking herself, and is a constant warm, gently encouraging presence. She has sprinkled her magic dust over the whole experience. I wanted a discrete week - with plenty of my time to think, read, not be forced to inter-act with others unless I chose to. Somehow Galia managed to provide that for me. I still don't quite know how she does it. I will be back and (having been to many such places over the world) will make it my 'regular'. What a find!' ...And of course none of this would have been accessible to me if it weren't affordable. I just simply can't afford the sorts of prices many such places charge. Slimmeria is FANTASTIC value for money. Seriously - you work it out! (and I haven't mentioned half the perks/benefits!)" - Lady Eatwell, OBE, Cambridge (left 7lbs lighter after one week!)

Sian Welby, Channel 4 weather girl and TV presenter
Sian Welby,
Channel 5
weathergirl and
TV presenter

The Slimmeria Retreat gives great results in a short space of time, but isn't for the faint hearted. If you commit to the detox it means a lot of exercise and a lot of cabbage! However it really is the perfect way to kick start weight loss or a healthier lifestyle as the retreat teaches you portion control, how to keep fit on a day to day basis and how to give your body a fresh start.

You get a daily reward of a luxury spa treatment to help you through the process and if you're as lucky as me, you'll have a great team supporting you through it, so you never feel alone. You'll make new friends, all of different ages and from different parts of the world. You'll share stories, you'll share the pain and the laughter together and when it comes to the weigh-in you'll be running back in the room, beaming with a smile from ear to ear, to tell all your friends.

Slimmeria definitely changes attitudes. Unlike other retreats you are given a strict menu, but you are never forced to do any exercise and that method seems to work. People wanted to push themselves, they wanted to impress and so in the 2 hour personal time, just about everyone went out on a walk that they didn't have to do! Some even squeezed in an extra fitness class, it was unbelievable!

Some people stayed for a week, some 10 days, some were there for 3 weeks, however like me, you can just do a weekend to try it out. I really enjoyed the experience, from the scenic walks to the relaxing yoga, from the crazy Zumba class to the heavenly coconut massage. The day is broken into so many sections that you forget about food. It stops being such a big focus in your day to day life and you start looking forward to different parts of the day and not just lunchtime!

I arrived on a Friday afternoon, so when asked if I wanted to be weighed on the Sunday morning I didn't think there'd be any point! Surely I couldn't have lost much in a day and a half, but amazingly I'd lost 4.5 lbs! I couldn't believe it! Others who had been there longer saw anything from 9-16 lbs drop off them and watching their reactions was absolutely priceless.

Being at a retreat, with others will definitely help you and make it easier than trying to detox at home. Whether you want to lose weight, get healthy or just drop a dress size for a special occasion, you're guaranteed good results and the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

– Sian Welby, Channel 5 Weathergirl and TV presenter

'I came to Slimmeria in July and stayed for one week. I thought I would just update you to let you know how I am doing. My family noticed a complete difference upon my return home and I joined a gym and I am happy to say three months later I have kept all the weight off and even lost more. I am now 9 stone 1, I was 10 stone 6 pounds when I entered Slimmeria and I lost 11 pounds that week, this was amazing, but now at 9 stone 1 I feel great and people tell me I look great too..! Coming to Slimmeria for the week was the best thing I have ever done, I still don't drink coffee as often as I did, but I do allow myself a latte once in a while. I am totally re-educated and I am determined this time the weight will stay off..! I am celebrating my 46th Birthday next week and I am the same weight I was when I was 27, not bad hey! The best think is I have been to USA, Hong Kong, China and Thailand and not a single pound gained. I am totally committed now to keeping the weight off!!! – Deb, Oxfordshire

Mike's Journey

Summer 2012


Mike Parker before leaving SlimmeriaMike Parker on arrival at SlimmeriaSo I am back home after an extremely wonderful 4 weeks at Slimmeria in which I managed to lose an amazing 18 kilos (losing on average 11 lbs a week). I have never managed to lose so much in such a short space of time.





Mike's Journey

Summer 2013


Mike Parker before leaving SlimmeriaMike Parker on arrival at SlimmeriaTotal weight loss: 18 kg YET AGAIN!

I first visited Slimmeria in the summer of 2012 and had an amazing 4 weeks losing a total of 18 kilos. Apart from losing weight and getting fitter, it proved to be a wonderful holiday opportunity. So much so that I decided to revisit in the summer of 2013.

Going back a second time, was like returning to a familiarity and I knew I could count on the positivity, encouragement, energy and support of the Slimmeria staff, especially Galia whose welcome hug is like cuddling a power pack - a real battery recharge!

My end result from my second visit was 18 kilos weight loss and a huge gain in my self-respect. I’m now 92 kilos (14 stone 6 pounds) which I consider for a man of my build, stature and 72 years, to be my maintenance weight – and in fact my lowest weight for 40 years! Incidentally, I have had to buy new clothes as I have lost a massive 8 inches from my chest and 12 inches from my waist - thanks in no small measure to my wonderful stay at Slimmeria. I really enjoyed my time at the retreat and look forward to next year.

“This old dog of 72 has learnt new tricks and what is more, if I can, anyone can! There is always a thin man trying to get out of a fat man.”

If you have not been to Slimmeria before than all I say is try it – you will be amazed at how much you can achieve on so little.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for my great stay at Slimmeria a few weeks ago. I lost 10 pounds during the week and have lost a few more since then, for a total of 30 since late March--and I have just gone below the obese BMI category which I'm very proud of. I can now zip up every pair of jeans I own. Most importantly, I was losing weight so that I could have IVF and I've just been approved to start treatment this summer at the private clinic where I've been on the waiting list. Slimmeria made a huge difference.

I guess you will have a new crop of guests this week and please feel free to show them this email if you think they may need inspiration - I just want to tell them that if they stick with the programme and work hard they will get an amazing result! It's incredible what a difference you can make in a short space of time when you really commit. I have already recommended Slimmeria to several people and will be back again myself someday! - I.W.

Thought I'd give you an update on moi! Since my visit in April I have continuously lost weight. This isn't due to an intensive exercise regime but rather to a change in diet. I eat as per normal but smaller amounts and stick to the routine times of eating as you administered. I'm quite strict with myself during the week, however I find weekends harder to maintain the regime. I do love my puddings at weekends! I still drink lots of water, herbal and green tea and eat two very small portions of fruit a day, and no sugar in my tea.

As for exercise, I play badminton and work on my allotment, weather permitting, which is extremely demanding physically.

You're probably wondering how much weight I've lost. Well, when I visited you I know my true weight was 68kg. I've only weighed myself twice since, the first time I had gone down to 62kg and the second time, which was yesterday morning, I weighed 59.5kg. I am so pleased with myself, all thanks to you and your retreat. I tried on a couple of dresses, which I hadn't been able to fit into for a few years now, and they just slip on. My next stop is 57kg which I'd like to achieve for a friend's wedding.

I have to admit that I've felt much happier and confident since leaving Slimmeria and definitely do not want to return to the dark place I was in before. Slimmeria provided me with a springboard to achieve weight loss, sprinkled with will power, conviction and determination on my part.

Take care - Silpa, North London

Slimmeria Retreat on E4 TV programme

I met Galia when we were taking part in the filming of a Channel 4 programme. All who have had the pleasure to be around Galia will know that without a doubt she is barking mad, however her passion and humour are infectious. I spent a week at Galia's Spa Retreat only a matter of a few weeks ago, and it was lovely to touch base with her and take part in her ethos of eating well and embracing the difference of the way a positive mind and body can have on one for the rest of your lives, if you are able to maintain it.

If you are considering staying it might be really tough, but incredibly worthwhile, and please do not let anything prejudice your choices.

Galia, I wish you all the very best and I know I will be back!! – Jan Cheeseman, 38 St Giles, Norwich

Slimmeria would like to thank Channel 4 viewers for voting us the best establishment in our group.

Slimmeria Retreat on E4 TV programme
Hayley Sparkes
Fashion and Beauty
TV Presenter

I would highly recommend Slimmeria to anyone who is really committed to detoxing their body, pushing themselves to their limits and embracing exercise. It is certainly challenging but the rewards are worth all the effort. I was delighted to lose 9 lbs in one week and left the retreat feeling really motivated and had eliminated all my cravings for unhealthy snacks. Galia and her team are fantastic and really look after you during your stay. The spa treatments are great and the house is beautiful, I particularly enjoyed the daily walks, the scenery is stunning. If you are serious about weight loss and changing the way you think about food for the long term this is the place for you.


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Jay at Slimmeria Retreat on E4 TV programme"This detox saved me, the whole place is amazing." – Jay

(E4 Reality model show, click image to watch)

It is time to get motivated and treat your body to a complete cleansing regime.
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